Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is amazing.  It helps that you are playing a believable badass and you have the flexibility of the conversation wheel and the behaviour interrupts. The story is nice and tight, with unexpected tie ins from the first game – the email from Chorban about his research into the keepers was a nice touch as is the message from the Rachni queen, delivered by the Asari on Ilium.

Gameplay wise, scanning planets from the Normandy is way better than lumbering around in the Mako for minerals, but the advantage to that was you could end up fighting thresher maws. Here the only maw I’ve come across is the one you deal with when you participate in Grunt’s rite.

A couple of quibbles though. The loading screens are way more painful than the elevators in the first game. The system of highlighting interactables just plain sucks. And I prefer the old overheating mechanics to the new heat sink approach in the weapon systems.

Still only partway through the game. Acquired all the team members apart from Tali and Kasumi and have about four loyalty missions pending.

Good stuff.

The Thangapadhakkam twist. Cop mother fights criminal daughter to the death and you can save only one.

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