Thursday, 6 October 2011

On Jobs

Steve Jobs died today, and the Internets are heavy with mourning.

By now, if one more person mentions "Stay hungry, stay foolish" I WILL try to throttle him or her. I wish the killfiles existed for facebook, that I may terminate posters of the Stanford address. My fingers twitch at every word beiginning with the lowercase i, and I scream iDiot.

Yes, Jobs was a fantastic designer of things sleek and shiny. He was loved by a gazillion macpies. But all this crap about how he continued Einstein's legacy HAS to stop. Classify him with the Frank Lloyd Wrights or the Yves St Laurents if you will, stop mucking about with Albert.

The "revolutionary" iPod was a stylish version of Audio Highway's Listen Up and the Creative Nomad. The iPhone? A normal cell phone with excellent touch screen implementation and slick wipes.

For all his bitching about Gates and Microsoft (I’m looking at you, Krishna), he did learn one thing from them. The importance of the app developer. Isn’t that why the PC left the Mac in the dust so long ago? Now Microsoft has forgotten that and Apple is the one with half a million apps in its AppStore.

You can possibly call me a Mac Hater. I do love my PC and my laptop and I was even able to tolerate Vista.  I like the look of Mac products – but always balk at the price. Ultimately, I think Jobs genius was to get us to pay more for less.