Thursday, 11 November 2010


I was looking through this site – add-ins for Windows Live Writer, the simplest blog editor around – and one of these add-ins was a tool to insert your XBox 360 Gamer Card.

I also found this – a website that will return the details of your gamerscore, given your gamer tag.

Still, it wasn’t enough – I needed a great deal more control – I went through a whole bunch of sites providing leaderboard info – mainly Provides a bunch of templates for custom Gamercards. Registration required for some templates. Also provides leaderboard information
Glop Similar to, but fewer templates
XBox Live Card More templates, but mostly variations of a theme, colours and background images vary
XBox Friends Watch By this guy called Adam Kinney, based on tute samples, also described in his blog

Adam Kinney’s site was useful, but doing the gamercard obviously required a much stronger grounding in Silverlight than I have – or access to Expression Blend, that I don’t have.

Right Now, the easiest thing to do would be to use Duncan Mackenzie’s Webservice – and use the generated Xml Response. 

Let’s see if I can do something with this :)

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