Saturday, 24 October 2009

Phineas and Ferb

Got to thank Sammu for this one. She was raving about this show and made me watch it. And she was right. Its an amazingly fun little concoction.

The show is about a blended family. Two brothers and a sister and what they do on their summer vacation. Or what the boys do each day of their summer vacation. The sister tries to bust them to their parents, but always fails because their pet platypus is a secret agent locked in a daily battle with an evil scientists – and the disruption of the evil scientist’s scheme always ends up destroying all evidence of the fantastic things that brothers build in the course of that day.

And those things include – a roller coaster, an elevator to the moon, an animation studio, an aquarium complete with dolphins and killer whales, a submarine, a ski resort (in midsummer), a monster truck racetrack and others.

There’s a formal structure. The show begins with Phineas apropos of some conversation saying “Ferb, I know what we’re going to do today”. Then there’s a montage – lamp-shaded by Ferb in “Voyage to the bottom of Buford” and the amazing construction is complete. Oh, and just before the montage, someone, usually Phineas, says “Where’s Perry”. Perry is in his secret lair – receiving his instructions from Major Monogram. “Stop Doofenshmirz” who’s been buying all the available zinc or tin foil or bratwurst to build his “Ballgown-inator” or his “Sandwichsuiteliminator” or “LaundromatEliminator”. Then theres a song, Perry being captured by Doofenshmirz, Candace ringing up their mom to bust the boys, Perry escaping and destroying Doofenshmirz’s …inator, which also destroys whatever the boys are working on. When Candace drags her long suffering mother into the backyard there’s nothing there.

Straighforward, but amazingly nice. And you cant get the songs out of your head.

I burst into “SIMP – Squirrels in my pants” last week in the middle of the office – and was well into the second verse when I realized all other noise had stopped and there were eighty four people staring at me with stunned expressions on their faces…

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